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Welcome to the website of North Allegheny's Math and Physics Club! We are a group of STEM enthusiasts who meet weekly to discuss topics in math and physics. Our goal is to provide an organized and holistic perspective on math, physics, and other aspects of STEM for students at NA.

Through our meetings and materials on this website, we aim not only to delve into specific topics or problem-solving strategies but also to provide intuition on the big picture of the importance of and connections between areas in math and science beyond that which can be gleaned in the classroom.

Our blog (see below) was created to be a platform upon which we, and potentially other students, can exchange and communicate knowledge and insight on a breadth of issues, including technical problems, competitive math and physics as a whole, STEM education, and the general philosophy and approach to studying the sciences.

Here, you can also find our weekly meeting and topic schedule (see Club Meetings) as well as a constantly updating list of handouts we have authored (see Resources).

We welcome and encourage you to join the club (see Join the Club!). Everyone can join regardless of past experience in math or physics.

Finally, if you have any questions or comments, we would love to hear them! Please see About Our Team in order to contact us.

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Please fill out the following club interest form. Anyone is welcome to join, and no extensive preliminary knowledge is required.